Who We Are: Recruiting

Our mission is to provide talent and opportunity for free market non-profit organizations. The Center for Shared Services seeks to identify individuals who desire to make a difference with their skills, talents, and abilities.

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  • The Center for Shared Services provides consulting services to organizations in Human Resources, Recruiting, Accounting and Finance, Technology, and Facilities.

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  • The Center for Shared Services offers exciting opportunities with a number of clients that will challenge your abilities, expand your skills, and reward your contributions within free-market non-profits. To stay up-to-date with the latest job openings, check out our Job Board

  • Turn Yesterday’s Failure into Tomorrow’s Success
    At the end of a month branded by resolutions, some people might feel that failure is looming over them.  Everyone has failed a time or two. Even professionals fall into the common missteps of failing to take their own advice. You’re not alone, nor should you be afraid or ashamed if you find yourself in... Read more »